domingo, abril 29

An inconvenient truth about Al Gore and Apple

On April 16 Apple, Inc. made public their opposition to two environmental proposals to be voted on at the May 10 annual shareholders meeting. The proposals will be offered by two prestigious socially responsible investor groups, As You Sow and Trillium Asset Management. The proposals call on Apple to strengthen their policies on toxic chemical use and the recycling of electronic waste and prohibit the export of electronic waste to developing countries.

Vice President Al Gore is a member of the board of directors of Apple which voted unanimously to oppose both resolutions. In March of this year, more than 70 organizations urged Gore to use his influence as a board member to make the company an industry leader on environmental policy. The board’s opposition was especially disappointing because one year ago Gore met with the Computer TakeBack Campaign and promised to help strengthen Apple’s policies.

Via O Insurgente.

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L.Vorzheva disse...

Buafff!!! Pero qué hombre más hipócrita es este...

Primero fue su casa, luego sus viajes, luego su empresa sobre créditos de carbón... y ahora resulta que vota en contra de aquello de lo que predica...

Por cierto, muy buen blog. Te sigo desde España, aunque no tengo ni idea de portugués. ;D