sábado, abril 28

Maus indícios, por parte de Sarkozy

“I want to change the way that we look at Europe . . . I want Europe to protect us from globalisation, not let in globalisation as a Trojan horse,” Mr Sarkozy told The Times in a French television interview.


Mr Sarkozy said that he would also press for harmonised business taxes — a project long rejected by Britain and other states. It was time to reduce the power of the national veto in such areas, he said. His proposal for a protective “European preference” in trade is also opposed by Britain and conflicts with the Union’s free-trade policies. “Why should we open our markets when the others don’t? Why impose rules on ourselves?” he said. “I want to defend European jobs and curb offshoring.” Mr Sarkozy singled out Peter Mandelson, the commissioner who represents the EU in world trade negotiations. “He is a clever man, but the way he negotiates is the opposite of common sense,” he said.

No Times.

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