terça-feira, junho 19

Employee Free Choice Act

Um alerta de Newt Gingrich:

The left-wing machine is an alliance of activists and union leaders dedicated to their mutual benefit - at the expense of the American people. I was convinced that it's a real threat when Speaker Nancy Pelosi's new Democratic majority in the House voted in March to strip American workers of the right to a secret ballot in deciding whether or not to unionize.

They approved something called the "Employee Free Choice Act" which gives employees the kind of "choice" favored by Tony Soprano -- the kind you can't refuse. It exposes every American worker to coercion and intimidation by unions that are attempting to get their dues money. It was the Democrats' version of payback for union support in last year's elections.

And now it's back. The Senate is scheduled to begin debating the bill today. A vote could come as early as Wednesday. Let's make sure that vote is a vote to defeat union strong-arm tactics and to defend American workers.

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