sábado, junho 16


A ler na íntegra, esta entrevista a Rudy Giuliani:

Globalization is one of the best things for our future. It's something we have to embrace.

In fact, when I first wrote those 12 commitments, I think I used the term embrace globalization. But I wasn't sure people would exactly know what that meant, embracing globalization. So, we said, expand our involvement in globalization.

This is great news for America, the people who are coming out of poverty in China and in India. And really, it's a difference between a Republican president who is an optimist and a Democratic president who's got his head in the sand and wants to just protect our prior inefficiencies. They want to have extra taxes and more protection.

Here's the way I look at 20 to 30 million coming out of poverty in China and India - 20 or 30 million more customers, more people we can sell things to. More people where we can take the value-added that America has and build on that.

This shouldn't - for a country like ours, that's an optimistic, entrepreneurial country, we should be cheering globalization. This is a great thing for America. And we've got to take advantage of it. And we need leaders who can show us how to take advantage of it.

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