quinta-feira, junho 28

What does Clinton stand for?

Parece que no lado democrata, Mrs. Clinton não recolhe apenas simpatia e grandes quantidades de dinheiro:

It doesn't take her long to switch her stance on the war - even in 24 hours. On Tuesday, June 19, Clinton told a union audience that she favored keeping some troops in Iraq "to protect our interests" there after a major pullout. But the following day, she told an activist anti-war gathering that she wants U.S. troops withdrawn from Iraq.

A woman has a right to change her mind. But we're talking about war and peace. After dealing with the conflict, now in its fifth year, Clinton ought to know where she stands.

2 comentários:

Mar Verde disse...

preocupa-te mas é com o Fred Thompson

Bruno Gonçalves disse...

Don't worry, eu estou atento... ;)

Mas o meu designio é, antes de mais, impedir que Mrs. Clinton chegue à Casa Branca. Anyone but Hillary!