terça-feira, junho 12

Nada melhor que uma eleição para juntar velhos "amigos"

Giuliani Renews Ties With the Police Chief He Ousted

The rapprochement between the two men who presided over New York City’s precipitous drop in crime is the latest twist in a relationship that says much about Mr. Giuliani’s leadership style. The two had a falling out as Mr. Bratton was capturing some of the limelight for the city’s crime drop, and Mr. Bratton was ousted in 1996. Later, he would consult, privately, for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, a Democrat, when it looked like she might compete with Mr. Giuliani for the Senate.

Now, Mr. Bratton is speaking about his renewed relationship with former Mayor Giuliani, saying it began when people close to Mr. Giuliani reached out to him. The two had a meeting in early March, and it went even further with an extended sit-down on May 31 in Mr. Bratton’s office at the Los Angeles Police Department, where he is now chief.

“It was comfortable,” Mr. Bratton said. “It’s not social and not friendship in the traditional sense.”

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