sábado, junho 16

Um testemunho

Por um apoiante de Ron Paul:

"But I'm not supporting him because I think he could get the nomination. I'm supporting him because I think he can influence thenational conversation about what the role of government is, how much power should government have over our lives, how much liberty should we give up for security. These are important issues, and frankly, no one's thinking about them as seriously and sincerely as Ron Paul."

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HO disse...

Por falar em seriedade e sinceridade:


«Journalists spent months explaining how John McCain's stalwart support of the Iraq War would sink him in the Republican presidential primaries -- and it didn't. Then, they swooned over Senator McCain's performance in a New Hampshire debate where he vigorously defended the Senate immigration bill -- and his numbers have been falling ever since.
But it is only reminding Republicans exactly what they don't like about his sincerity and courage. One man's bravery is another's obstinacy.
But who can doubt that when John McCain essentially says he'd rather be right than president, he means it, and it could prove prophetic?"
McCain's position is indisputably sincere and courageous.