quarta-feira, maio 9

E ainda sobre a questão do aborto

Não é apenas Giuliani que sofre com a questão. Mitt Romney, ainda não conseguiu convencer o eleitorado republicano, a propósito da sua "súbita" mudança de posição no tema...

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney on Monday questioned why Republicans are always the ones whose motives are questioned when they move from support for abortion rights to opposition to abortion.

Romney acknowledges that he once backed the right for women to end their pregnancies. In a debate last week, he said when he was running for governor he upheld the law protective of abortion rights despite becoming opposed to it while in office.

"What I find interesting is had I been pro-life and then changed to pro-choice no one would ask the question," Romney said. "If you go the other direction, as I have and as Ronald Reagan did and (former Illinois Rep.) Henry Hyde and George Herbert Walker Bush, it's like the media can't get enough of 'how, why did you change?'"

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