quarta-feira, maio 30

Efeito Giuliani: Donativos para Ron Paul duplicam

Espero que os apoiantes de Ron Paul agradeçam a publicidade no último debate...

In what might be considered a political shocker, presidential candidate Ron Paul’s donations - large and small - have nearly doubled since the South Carolina GOP debate.

After the debate, Ron Paul (R-Tex) was declared badly damaged by a seemingly devastating Rudy Giuliani rebut of his controversial foreign policy remarks. The audience cheered Giuliani's remarks, and most commentators during and after the debate gave Giuliani the edge by a significant margin.

Yet, observers familiar with the campaign said donations have been rolling into Ron Paul coffers, with an especially enthusiastic response right after the debate. The candidate has also received perhaps 100 donations of $2,300, the maximum allowed, according to these sources.